Should I Invest in Marketing?

I am often asked by small business owners “when should I invest in marketing” as well as “what marketing tactics should I employ”. There is no “one size fits all” solution to these questions nor is there an easy answer. However, it is never too early to invest in marketing and depending on the financial status of your company it may not be too late either. With that being said, marketing should start the moment you know that you want to embark on a business venture, regardless of the industry, EVERY brand and every product NEEDS marketing. Now unless you are one of these businesses that are totally ok with remaining in the comfortable little box that you are in without taking on new “clients” or customers, than you go right ahead without proper marketing. Neither one radio ad per week, nor a couple of ads the day prior to your big sale or event, is going to gain the proper exposure for a small business. This is especially true if you are seeking something big and grand. This is the number one mistake I see in the radio and digital world of marketing. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand completely that budgets are way smaller for smaller businesses resulting in an even smaller budget for marketing. However, remember the popular saying, “it takes money to make money”, this saying is VERY true. This is why it is important that you sit down with a marketing guru, and I’m not just talking about someone who may have done sales for a few years. I’m talking about someone not only with experience in the industry (i.e radio, television, digital, print marketing; and I do mean current experience because the industry is ever changing) but also look for someone with a degree in Marketing or Communications. Marketing is not second nature, I promise, if it were then every business would be raking in the dollars that they yearn to make. Contact us at AmandatoryPR and let us sit down for a free consultation to discuss your options. It may or may not be a good fit for you to partner with us; however, it doesn’t hurt to get pointed in the right direction.

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