Create Your Digital Footprint For Your Business

The digital world is completely overpowering traditional marketing. I don't care what industry you are in whether it be healthcare, finance, retail, or restaurant you MUST have a digital presence. Now this doesn't mean that your business needs a fancy app. I know many successful businesses that launched an app only for it to be a complete flop. However, utilize the platforms that are out there to your advantage.

1.Create a website that is suitable for the business that you are in. The existence of this website shows the public that you are serious about your business and that you are professional. This is usually the first impression that the viewer will see. This site must also be mobile friendly since most viewers are using their mobile device.

2. Have a social media presence. It is important that you not only create a Facebook page and Instagram but that you are active. If your business was founded in 2012, your last Facebook post should not be in 2012. This is also important to consistently monitor your reputation on social media.

3. Blogging. Even if you HATE writing or video, there are going to be people that will like to read or watch content relevant to your industry (whether it be a written blog or video blog). And you can showcase your expertise in the industry and write the blog in your own "voice". Hire a freelancer or a PR agency (i.e AmandatoryPR) to do this for you. Video blogs can show you in action. People like to put a face to the name and this opens that window of trust even wider. It is such a better alternative than commercials.

This is just a glimpse at some of the many things you can do. This is why it is SO important to have an agency working with you to help you keep your marketing tactics aligned with your business goals. If your business isn't seeing ROI, then your business just becomes an expensive hobby.....I will detail this more in the upcoming blog post. Stay tuned!

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