I HATE WALMART BUT They Just Gained Me As a Customer

I have had the unfortunate privilege of buying groceries for a little less than 10 years now and I abhor the tedious, yet necessary task. The process of driving to the store, finding a parking spot, locating my groceries, waiting in line to check out and fighting my way back out the store and through traffic to get back home, takes entirely too much time out of my day. As a young business owner, I already feel as if there just aren't enough hours in the day and grocery shopping takes up even more of my time.

It is no secret that I have NEVER been a fan of Walmart. Their customer service is well below subpar, not to mention their prices really aren't all that low to me and despite usually being conveniently located (there is a Neighborhood Market Walmart less than 0.5 a mile from my front door, I would much rather travel further out to shop in a pleasant, ambient atmosphere and receive great customer service. Walmart also usually only has 1 or 2 checkout lanes open, making them an inconvenience for me in regards to my valuable time.

BUT all of my ill feelings toward Walmart came to a screeching halt on the afternoon of Friday, July 28, 2017, when I experienced the Walmart Grocery pickup for the first time. Janeka at the Neighborhood Market Walmart located on Hargrove Rd in Tuscaloosa, AL BLEW me away!! She was THE FRIENDLIEST employee of not only Walmart, but any retail outlet that I have experienced in YEARS. She truly seemed as if she not only wanted to BE AT WORK, but also as if she wanted to SERVICE ME, which is so very rare to find these days! She was not only polite, she was well groomed and very informative on grocery pickup procedures and process. I was so stunned and so taken aback that I have literally been telling EVERYONE, even those that I know don't even step foot in Walmart (technically now they don't even have to).

Not to mention, the entire process was painless and ABSOLUTELY FREE!

I literally put all of the items in my shopping cart via the Walmart grocery pick-up app. Selected the available time and date that I wanted to pick up and checked out my purchases using my debit card. I received an email when my order was ready for pickup, that included very detailed instructions on how to proceed. I followed the "Pick Up" arrows once arriving at Walmart and had I enabled the app to know my location, they would've known my arrival and brought my purchases to my vehicle, however I don't typically give many apps any permissions so I instead called (the number was listed above the pick-up parking spot) and notified them of the name of the order that I was picking up and they not only brought the groceries to me, they ALSO PUT THEM IN THE CAR. I didn't have to get out AT ALL (although I did to chat with Ms Janeka).

Upon inspecting my items they were all within very good expiration dates (so they didn't just give me crap that was about to go bad). Also, my items were bagged in a manner that was VERY GOOD. When I go to the grocery store the cashier/bagger NEVER bags the items in the order that I place them on the belt (which is done so purposefully because it is EXACTLY how I want them bagged). The cold stuff was bagged with other cold stuff, heavy items were double bagged, etc.

So, overall I am seriously impressed! Way to go Walmart this is a splendid tactic to gain customers, especially in a world where e-commerce is taking over!

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