Understanding Millennials

Often I meet people who are completely misinformed about millennials. The scary thing about this, especially as a business owner, is that millennials are slowly taking over the majority of the buying population. So if you don't understand the generation, how can you possibly target them and effectively reach them with your products or services?

Millennials are the most technologically savvy generation, so your endless commercial buys simply won't reach them. Most millennials do NOT have cable, opting instead for the likes of Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming networks. A Hulu ad, that cannot be skipped, is the BEST commercial type to reach millennials, if you choose that route. A YouTube Trueview ad is beneficial for a number of reasons. It cannot be skipped until after a few seconds, however this leaves you with a very short window to grasp the viewer's attention. Making it extremely important to study your target audience's likes and dislikes.

Ads on social media have a huge impact, but are often ignored. So how do you truly reach a millennial? You have two options: research the buying behavior of millennials or hire a marketing firm or consultant to do the research for you and present the findings to you. They will help you discover what your best methods are depending on the product or service that you offer. They can find influencers and have them represent your product. Millennials are "see it to believe it", especially with new brands. Take the Popeye's chicken sandwich for example. Popeyes NEVER purchased a single advertisement. Millennials simply used their powerful voices on social media and the sandwich took over and hit the world by storm. Faster and more impactful than some news broadcasts. So how do you help your brand make that impact? The power is ALL in the millennial (literally). Owned and operateted by a millennial, AmandatoryPR can help you achieve amazing results for your brand.

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