The Power of Music in Advertising

I grew up in a very musical household. One that consisted of a lot of music from the 60s and 70s. Now while I was younger I would've much rather preferred the current "hip" music of the era, but now that I'm much older and much wiser, I find myself listening to the oldies but goodies. I will obviously always feel that the 90s possessed the BEST music (perhaps because it's the era I grew up in), but I'm a lover of ALL music honestly.

Music has a way of bringing us all together. I don't care what the genre is, I can honestly listen to anything and probably feel something. A simple melody, and a catchy lyric can instantly transform my mood. Music is just that powerful. I listen to music in my office while I work, in my car on the way to and from work, while I workout, and even if I am having a tough time sleeping, I turn some on.

Ironically enough, music plays a significant role for advertisers as well. Music in a commercial increases our attention to product information in a message and can even directly influence our attitudes. This doesn't necessarily mean if I like a song I will purchase the product featured in the ad simply because I enjoy the song. It does mean that I'm more likely to actually pay attention to an advertisement, therefore making a lasting impact on the viewer (or listener). Isn't that the overall goal of an ad, to make a memorable impact? So make sure your ad not only reels them in, but holds their attention. Video is an amazing and creative way to reach your audience. Check out the one below created by AmandatoryPR. This video was used to replace a traditional introductory PowerPoint presentation at a conference in Montgomery, AL.

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