Instagram 101 For Startups and Small Businesses

So sometimes it's not that your product or service is just so horrible, but it may be horribly misrepresented on social media, especially instagram. The rules that apply to your personal IG page won't be the same for your business when it comes to likes and followers. Now obviously if your brand is modeling or some aspect of your actual self, perhaps, but not if you are selling a product or service and you want likes beyond your followers.

Take my IG for example. AmandatoryPR exists on Instagram as myself. I'm a business appealing to other business owners, but I myself actually make up my brand on Instagram because my brand doesn't exactly require an IG account. I'm not selling anything that photos can exactly entice. The same does not apply to my Facebook. My personal profile and business Facebook page are completely separate. Often I will repost content from one to the other but they are not one and the same. This method works for me because I take a proactive approach within my community. My success is heavily contributed to the line of work that encompasses my career in Marketing as well as word of mouth. God has blessed me to know the right people and I'm grateful. However, my recipe may not work for you and your brand if you sell something that pictures could actually increase your ROI. So here's a few reasons why your pictures may not be garnering the same likes as your personal page on IG:

1. Your images are grainy and of poor quality: and then some brands have the nerve to try so slap their logo on top of an already terrible photo! If pretty photos on IG are your target, you either have to take them yourself or you need a graphic designer to recreate what you are seeking. Poor quality photos will not make people trust your brand or take you seriously. This especially applies to anyone in the beauty industry. (AmandatoryPR can help!)

2. You’re posting bland, basic motivational quotes on top of boring images or flat colors: Pretty self explanatory. Again, graphic designer, if you don't have the skillset.

3. You're posting memes that aren't interesting or are out of date. Posting old memes will show how out of date you are. Definitely not a way to tap into millennials if this is your target audience. Also, always make sure to tie everything back to your brand.

4. Repetition is not your friend: Sometimes repetition is good, in this case it is not. Don't keep posting the same exact thing over and over. It makes you look like a spam or dummy account and people won't trust your posts causing them to unfollow you.

So don't do all of that work to build your followers up only to lose them due to poor content. Not every business has the budget to hire someone with a Marketing or Graphic Design background, let AmandatoryPR handle the graphics for you!

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