New Year Resolutions (For Your Business)

While everyone's main concern coming into 2020 is eating healthy (for the first few weeks), exercising (for the first few days), and finally getting closer to God because they know it was by His grace alone that 2019 didn't take them out, don't forget that your brand needs fine tuning as well. Set goals for your brand in the very same manner that you set personal goals for yourself. Goal setting is one of the most important activities that you can do for your business, no matter the size. Here are a few goals to consider for 2020:

1.Ramp up productivity: easier said then done, but it can be as simple as eliminating distractions or as complex as implementing processes and business tools that increase productivity

2. Create a new customer service process: how do you interact with your customers. Often, small businesses don't have the staff to communicate with their customers. Hire extra staff, if that isn't in the budget hire a marketing agency that can handle this communication for you.

3. Increase traffic to your website: Seriously, this should have been number ONE. More website traffic often leads increased sales so this is extremely important. There are many ways to increase web traffic. Start by creating a content marketing strategy (we can help with this)

4. Create a new product: if you haven't in awhile, increase your product line's offerings.

5. Utilizing Social Media: If you have been resistance to social media in the past, this is the year to make sure your business has a presence on social media.

6. Go paperless: eliminate the use of paper when necessary, thus reducing overhead costs and expenses for your business.

7. Conduct a Marketing Audit: Sometimes we get caught up in the "doing" that we forget to check if what we are doing is worth the time and money we are investing. Measure the level of success of all of your marketing strategies.

8. Conduct a thorough SWOT analysis: And if you don't know what this is, I highly recommend contacting us TODAY!

We can gladly help with any of the goals listed above! Take your business to the next level in 2020!

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