Attracting Your Target Audience

So now you have your logo, your website, and perhaps your social media pages for your new brand. You now have two options, you either aggressively attract your target audience through an extensive marketing strategy or you post a bunch of stuff and sit and hope that someone the least bit interested, clicks and buys.....

Hopefully you went with option A, especially if you want to see your return on investment now versus later. So how do you attract your target audience?

You literally have to become a magnet. What I mean by that is you have to engage your audience through engaging content, posts, and offers. Ask yourself, would YOU click on your ad or your post. Would you buy what you're offering?

Engaging content is different across different platforms. Knowing what to post on which platform is key. Nothing is worse than posting the exact same thing simultaneously on your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Which is why it's important to know your audience on these platforms so that you can curate your content specifically to them on each platform. Attracting your target audience is so much more than posting the same repetitive posts on your social media profile. The only thing you attract through this is your current followers. Are you researching relevant hashtags? Are you utilizing paid advertising? What about search engine optimization, so that when people search for a service that you provide or a product that you offer, you appear in the search engine results?

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