Why Blogging Matters

So I get it, not everyone enjoys writing or reading as much as I do. I am truly passionate about both. In a perfect world, I would sit and read & write daily and I would be perfectly content. I'm sure you find yourself reading through a blog on a topic that interests you every now and then, even if you absolutely despise it. So as a business owner what does blogging mean to you?

A blog, just like social media, is a marketing channel that helps support business growth. See just a few of the many primary benefits that blogging could provide for your business (no matter the industry):

Helps Drive Traffic To Your Website

Increase your engagement by connecting with those who are researching your industry. A lot of consumers (especially millennials) read or watch videos pertaining to the subject matter that has captivated their interest, so make sure that you are apart of that conversation.

Helps Convert Traffic into Leads

So now that I'm interested, you have the opportunity to convert me to a paying customer with the content in your blog that details your services and product line-up. Make sure that your blog is mobile friendly and does a great job telling your story in an easy to read font. Hire a professional if your writing skills aren't up to par.

Helps Establish Authority

You need to sound like you KNOW what you're doing. Not like you just woke up one night and decided on a whim to start a business in your industry. Passion alone won't get you customers. Continue to educate yourself in your industry and display this knowledge on your social media channels as well as your website.

Drives Long-Term Results

A consistent posting will keep and grow your audience. A monthly or bi-monthly blog post will keep readers coming back for more! I typically like to post every month, but with recent COVID-19 events, I had fallen off. I literally had subscribers emailing. me asking when they could expect the next post!

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